2016 LAUNCH EasyDiag 2.0

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Launch Easy Diag 18$

EasyDiag is a personal vehicle trouble diagnostic tool developed by launch for vehicle maintenance technician,students and DIY car owners. EasyDiag is a product developed under a time that APP application enjoys a wide market as the internet develops at a high speed along with the mobile intelligent terminal’ widely spread and functions’ constant expanding. Based on the rapid development of the mature oversea DIY market, domestic car owner and maintenance market, EasyDiag, aims at vehicle trouble diagnostic tool’s reform and innovation, breaking through the tradition from the application style, product type and function. Now our product is to sell in America, Europe and other areas. EasyDiag is an impetus as well as a challenge at the time of EasyDiag’s entering into the market, during which we will concentrate on improving the usability and comfortable interface of the product to make EasyDiag an excellent & reliable and useful product which can be the standard equipment for vehicle maintenance technician as well as the automatic for popularizing vehicle maintenance technology.

Economical, convenient and professional is the classic points for EasyDiag
1. Economical: free OBD software; download the diagnostic software for your need
2. Convenient: self-developed chips, ingenious connector operating fast connected with mobile phone or Tablet PC
3. Professional: wide vehicle coverage and stable performance developed on basis of Launch’s vehicle diagnosis developing over twenty years.
Product function:
Bluetooth communicational module, full system diagnosis
Read the system version
Read DTC
Clear DTC
Read data stream
Waveform display of data stream
Storage management and share of the trouble diagnostic report
Real-time news and software updating prompt
Share technology experience in maintenance circle.
With complimentary OBD software and DEMO, support all 10 test modules of OBDII protocol and all kinds of test performance equipped with 16 pin diagnostic seats.
Connection Method:Standard OBDII Interface,Micro USB2.0;
Typical Consumption:(12V) Static Current 25mA
Average Working Current of Overall Unit: 35mA
Working Temperature:-20 to 55C (-4 to 131F)
Storage Temperature:-30 to 70C (-22 to 158F)
Storage Humidity:<80%
Working Humidity: <60%
Net Weight:Approx 26g
Working Voltage:Powered by vehicle battery, DC 9-15V
Vehicle diagnostic tool & Convenient, economical and advanced vehicle accessories

Supports OBD-II protocol, 1o test modes

Free OBD software download

Built-in Bluetooth module

Compatible with Andriod and iOS devices

Support all cars with 16-pin OBD port

Reads all DTCs and supports live data stream display

This new powerful tool is work with your Iphone, Ipad or Android phone, easy to work .

Update by Launch website , after your register successfully, you can choose the car brands software accoording to your requirment.

With this Launch X431 EasyDiag, your iPhone or Ipad will turn to be a powerful diagnostic scanner!

Update by Launch website – after you register successfully, You can download diagnostic software you want into your iPhone or iPad.

Then, connect your iPhone / iPad or Android phone with Launch X431 EasyDiag, you can diagnose the cars.

Please kindly note that:

This is for Launch X431 EasyDiag ONLY! Software is not included!

We will offer Launch X431 register name & password. You need to buy diagnostic software directly from Launch official website. It will cost about US$ 39.95 for each car brand software.

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