CNH DPA5 Electonic Service Tool Adapter Cable Kit Genuine

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The Case New Holland (CNH) DPA5 adapter, part # 380002884, which includes all the cables. This is a 100% genuine CNH DPA5, and the kit includes:

380002884 – Adapter
6/9 pin “Y” cable
USB Cable
CNH Electronic Service Tool (with Diagnostic Procedures)
具体上 我需要能查出故障码,以及故障部位的维修方法或是说此故障码是哪部位故障能举出,然后依着故障码能显示出故障的部位的分解图。分解图就是我上面传的那个 可以告诉我损坏的部位是长什么样子怎么组装的,还要能查线路 能知道线路部份是哪裡搭铁或断掉,像这些 这些图都是白盒能做到的



Electronic Service Tool (EST) – used by dealership technicians to connect with machines that have a Controller Area Network (CAN) BUS as part of the electronic system architecture.
With this service tool you can:
 • Check status of parameters;
 • Retrieve faults;
 • Run diagnostic tests;
 • Make ECU and parameter programming;
 • Monitor active and logged diagnostics;
 • View and change ECU configuration;
 • View diagnostic procedures and schematics.
 • Troubleshoot problems;
 • Use asist database;
 • Run scope diagnostics;
E.A.S.y – additional engine diagnostic and download tool for connection directly to ECU to perform diagnostic, programming and ECU reload by K-Line protocol.
CNH Engine Download Tool operates from within the EST program to perform the following engine download operations:
 • Provide Engine Control Unit (ECU) programing update capability;
 • Provide blank ECU initialization and programming capability;
 • Provide ECU programming reassignment for blank and other ECUs;
 • Provide ECU download crash recovery.
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