Paccar Electronic Service Analyst (ESA)

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ESA support for P30-1032-106 vehicle software and PACCAR Display software version 1700 has been released to production. ESA 4.4.5 has also been released to production.

PACCAR Display software version 1700 was released to update the Garmin maps. This software is not a required update so PACCAR Display software versions P30-6037-0104, 1500, and 1602 willl remain available as software options.

P30-1032-106 vehicle software support has been released to production to support Peterbilt 320 vehicles. This software is not a required update so P30-1032-105, P30-1032-100, and P30-1032-003 will remain available as software options for Peterbilt 320 vehicles.

ESA 4.4.5 has been released to production to support NEXIQ USB Link 2 and includes several defect fixes.

New Features:

NEXIQ USB Link 2 support

P30-1032-106 vehicle software support for NAMUX 2.5 Peterbilt builds

PACCAR Display 1700 software support

Automatic configuration of ESA settings updated to ignore version number in ESA settings file

Defect fixes:

Default Click URL set to the previous web service

Emulation packages are unable to update through e-portal

Admin form does not display DLA options when NEXIQ WVL2 drivers are installed

AC Compressor Outlet Pressure does not display the unit of measurement within the monitored image

Fleet ID does not program correctly

Known Issues:

Noregon DLA+ and DLA+Wireless DLAs are not able to flash CECU and ICU control units

Noregon DLA+PLC DLA is unable to connect to control units on KLINE

Workaround is to use a NEXIQ DLA

Localization text requires some updating

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