Mitsubishi ForkLift Trucks MCFS 2020 description

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Mitsubishi ForkLift Trucks MCFS 2020 description of the catalogue:

Program Mitsubishi ForkLift Truck Europe contains the catalogue of details forklift loaders of various carrying capacity (including models with the electric drive).
The program Mitsubishi ForkLift on one CD and one DVD is delivered, by default the program is established with work with use of DVD but possible to establish the program Mitsubishi ForkLift completely on HDD. Supports the English and other languages.
The interface of the program Mitsubishi ForkLift very simple and convenient, is search on model, serial numbers, the list of applicability of a detail as the program contains service bulletins.

MCF Mitsubishi Client Help

Models in Mitsubishi ForkLift Trucks:
Hand Pallet
Electric Models
Cushion Tire
Small Pneumatic (1-5 ton)
Large Pneumatic (6-15 ton)

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